Writer, Editor, Content Strategist


I create engaging content to help brands and individuals tell stories, share ideas, and promote themselves. I have 6+ years of experience as a writer and 5+ years of experience in content marketing as an editor and strategist.

Need someone to write your content from scratch, or edit your existing content to ensure it dazzles? I can help.

I am a proud Massachusettsan (who knew that word was such a mouthful?) who has traveled the United States coast-to-coast, but can't stop craving Dunkin' Donuts. I enjoy board games, movie theaters, stories that mix fantasy and sci-fi, all dogs (yes - every single one), and superbly lame puns.


Above all, I'm a word nerd. Get in touch, and let's work together to find the right words to bring your ideas to life and drive your mission.

I write blog posts, e-books, website copy, thought leadership articles, email copy, and infographics.

I have managed content marketing for clients in technology, SaaS, lifestyle, e-commerce, cybersecurity, and various other industries; directing the production of all content, including topic creation, editing, incorporating SEO best practices, and aligning each piece of content with the brand's goals and target audience.

I keep a sharp focus on the audience with every piece of content to make connections, evoke emotions, and inspire actions.


As a writer and editor, I work in words to share strong, engaging messages. As a strategist, I understand the big picture and the importance of aligning each piece of content with your other marketing efforts.

I help you put your expertise and insights into the right words.

If you know what you want to say, but you're having trouble deciding how to say it, I'll help you put your thoughts into words. I've had the opportunity to help executives and leaders in the technology space create high-quality thought leadership content, showcasing their unique perspectives on digital publications including VentureBeat, Foreshock, and BOSS Magazine. 


I am an experienced interviewer, with the skills to gather insight and opinions from subject matter experts and weave them into a strong piece of writing that conveys a clear message. Whether you have a draft written already, or you need help refining your topic idea to get started, I can help.